This assortment of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, and herb seeds contains everything you need to build a garden that’s sure to make your neighbours envious.

Each carefully selected variety comes from ancient strains and is open-pollinated for seed saving: even better, they’re 100% natural, GMO-free, and non-hybrid for complete gardening peace of mind. Picked and bagged for 2022, these are also fresh seeds with high germination rates, so you can get started on your incredible natural garden right away!

● This assortment contains 40 different types of non-GMO, non-hybrid, fresh seeds to help you grow an incredible variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs!

● Your seed pack contains a little of everything: leafy greens, nourishing root vegetables, aromatics, and even three different sweet melons to enjoy.

● All seeds come in resealable bags for safe storage: plant them all, germinate some indoors, save some for next season - it’s up to you!

1. Asparagus, Mary Washington, 50 seeds
2. Bean, Bush, Strike, 25 seeds
3. Bean, Bush, Top Notch Golden Wax, 25 seeds
4. Beet, Detroit Dark Red, 100 seeds
5. Broccoli, Waltham 29, 250 seeds
6. Brussel Sprouts, Long Island Improved, 250 seeds
7. Carrot, Little Fingers, 1000 seeds
8. Carrot, Tendersweet, 1000 seeds
9. Cabbage, Red Acre, 250 seeds
10. Cabbage, Copenhagen Market, 250 seeds
11. Cauliflower, Self Blanche, 250 seeds
12. Celery, Utah 52-70, 500 seeds
13. Corn, Golden Bantam, 25 seeds
14. Cucumber, Muncher, 25 seeds
15. Cucumber, Boston Pickling, 25 seeds
16. Eggplant, Long Purple, 50 seeds
17. Leek, American Large Flag, 250 seeds
18. Lettuce, Butterhead, Buttercrunch, 500 seeds
19. Lettuce, Romaine, Little Gem, 500 seeds
20. Onion, Bunching, Tokyo Long White, 250 seeds
21. Parsnip, Harris Model, 250 seeds
22. Pea, Green Arrow, 25 seeds
23. Pepper, Hot, Jalapeno M, 50 seeds
24. Pepper, Sweet, California Wonder, 50 seeds
25. Pumpkin, Jack O Lantern, 25 seeds
26. Radish, Cherry Belle, 100 seeds
27. Rutabaga, Laurantian, 250 seeds
28. Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing, 100 seeds
29. Squash, Winter, Waltham Butternut, 25 seeds
30. Tomato, Roma VF, 50 seeds
31. Tomato, Large Red Cherry, 50 seeds
32. Turnip, Purple Top White Globe, 250 seeds
33. Zucchini, Black Beauty, 25 seeds
34. Cantaloupe, Heart of Gold, 25 seeds
35. Honeydew, Green Flesh, 25 seeds
36. Watermelon, Sugar Baby, 25 seeds
37. Basil, Italian Large Leaf, 250 seeds
38. Cilantro, Slow Bolt, 50 seeds
39. Parsley, Dark Green Italian Flat Leaf, 250 seeds
40. Sage, Broad Leaved, 50 seeds

+ FREE BONUS PACKET: Sunflower, Teddy Bear, 25 seeds


* These seeds will remain viable for 1-5 years ( depending on the variety) if stored in a cool, dark place, ideally between 4 and 10⁰C. After that, the germination rate may start to go down.


You know that a lush, fruitful garden needs good soil, frequent watering, and sunlight to grow, but it’s the seeds that really make the harvest.

Picked and bagged for 2022, the vast majority of our seeds have germination rates of over 85%. The seeds are all-natural, non-GMO, non-hybrid, untreated, and open-pollinated for seed saving.

We have put a lot of thoughts into the design and packaging of our seed packets. Our seeds are all carefully packed in food grade kraft paper/aluminium zipper lock bags, and then are shipped in eco-friendly padded mailers.

We heat-seal each of our seed packet for even more protection from moisture, odour and light, allowing you to store your seeds for up to 3x longer than paper or plastic. Plant them all, germinate some indoors, save some for next season - it’s up to you!

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Aaron M.

Same quality as last time. Highly recommen...

Same quality as last time. Highly recommend if you wanted big healthy plants.

Jeffrey B.

A truly grand seed assortment and wonderfu...

A truly grand seed assortment and wonderful responsive service. THANKS so much!

Jessi G.

I'm very happy with my purchase. There was...

I'm very happy with my purchase. There was a little mistake but it was corrected as soon as I told Ecoseedbank ! I will purchase more of their products for sure ! thank you :)


Can't wait for my garden this year!

Can't wait for my garden this year!


Arrived on time and is exactly what I want...

Arrived on time and is exactly what I wanted! Great variety!