Sustainable efforts, no matter how small, can make a significant impact.

We love our planet and we love gardening. That’s why we created Ecoseedbank, to give you access to heirloom crops for a sustainable future. Whether you’re new to gardening or an experienced green-fingered friend, Ecoseedbank has got you covered.

We are proud to provide an alternative to the industrial food system while preserving seed diversity. We want to help communities control their own sustainable food system from seed to table. By having access to untreated heirloom seeds, you can take back the responsibility of growing your own food and eating in a way that is better for your family, friends, and community.

Be confident that you are supporting environmentally-friendly farming practices when you buy from Ecoseedbank.

Do you know your plant hardiness zone?

Canada's plant hardiness zone map is as precise as possible, but you should also consider the microclimates in each area, even in your own garden. The difference may seem small, but it can have a huge impact on whether a plant or the whole garden succeeds. Among the factors that influence microclimates are nearby bodies of water, concrete, asphalt, structures, slopes, soil type or vegetation.

- Click here to look up your Canada plant hardiness zone by municipality -

canada plant hardiness zone map