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This tall annual grass looks like a corn plant, but instead of ears, it makes fan-shaped seed heads. Broomblend is a high yielding colourful corn that has been used for years in broom making. The vibrant, colourful seed heads grow in a mix of gold, red, bronze and purple. The seeds are edible and can be sprouted, cooked, popped or ground into flour. The dried and mature straw can be used for ornamental crafts, dried flower arrangements, and, of course, as beautiful traditional brooms.

- Latin Name: Sorghum Bicolor
- Days to Maturity: 120
- Life Cycle: Annual
- Direct Sowing: After last spring frost
( Plant every 2 weeks for continuous harvest)
- Days to Germination: 7-14
- Germination Optimal Soil Temperature: 25-30°C 
- Planting Depth: 1 cm
- Seed Spacing: 2-3 seeds every 10 cm
- Thinning Seedlings: Once plants are 10 cm tall, thin to 20-30 cm apart
- Row Spacing: 2-3 cm
- Plant Height: 2 m
- Harvest: Anytime after seed heads have developed
- Average Seeds Needed Per 10 m Row: 200
- Average Yield Per 10 m Row: 5-10 stems per plant


It is advantageous to plant broom corn early because of its need for a long growing season. But, it will not fare well by being started indoors, transplanted or sown into cold soil. Wait until 2 weeks after the last frost to sow seed outdoors or when soil temperatures reach at least 16°C. Plant seeds 2 cm deep, 15 cm apart in rows 75-90 cm apart and water well.

Broom corn is a very heavy feeder of nutrients and water. If possible, plan ahead the fall prior and prepare the bed by mixing in a hefty amount of compost. When plants reach 8-10 cm tall, thin them out to a distance of 20-30 cm. Broom corn has shallow roots, so mulch, weed carefully and water well.

About 2 cm of water/week should suffice. Give more in times of excessive heat or drought. An application of high-nitrogen fertilizer a couple times throughout the season will appreciably accelerate growth.


Broomcorn is a type of sorghum that has been used for making brooms and whiskbrooms for thousands of years. Sorghum most likely originates from Central Africa before the production of the crop spread to the Mediterranean and Europe during the early Middle Ages. Broomcorn evolved over the centuries through repeated selection of seeds from heads that had the longest panicle branches. It was popular because it made better brooms than any other product. The plant was first described in Italy during the 1500s and Benjamin Franklin is credited with introducing broomcorn to the USA in the early 1700s. By the 1830s, commercial broomcorn production had spread to several states in the north east, covering up to 100,000 acres until the 1960s, when the crop virtually ceased to exist on a large scale.

- Broomcorn does not cross-pollinate with the Zea mays species.

- Broomcorn seeds will remain viable for 2 years if stored in a cool, dark place, ideally between 4 and 10⁰C. After that, the germination rate may start to go down.


You know that a lush, fruitful garden needs good soil, frequent watering, and sunlight to grow, but it’s the seeds that really make the harvest.

Picked and bagged for 2024 the vast majority of our seeds have germination rates of over 85%. The seeds are all-natural, non-GMO, non-hybrid, untreated, and open-pollinated for seed saving.

We have put a lot of thoughts into the design and packaging of our seed packets. Our seeds are all carefully packed in food grade kraft paper/aluminium zipper lock bags, and then are shipped in eco-friendly padded mailers.

We heat-seal each of our seed packet for even more protection from moisture, odour and light, allowing you to store your seeds for up to 3x longer than paper or plastic. Plant them all, germinate some indoors, save some for next season - it’s up to you!

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Quick delivery Early start to the 2022 season

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I am soooo excited to grow these. I love this shop. They have such a great variety of a seeds and some really interesting options that just look like they'd be fun to grow. Definitely will be shopping here more in the future ❤️ thank you